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Lexis+ AI emerges as a groundbreaking generative AI tool from LexisNexis, designed to dramatically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal workflows. The core features of Lexis+ AI include conversational search, which allows users to perform complex legal research using natural language queries. This feature simplifies the process by directly interacting with the AI to receive refined results and insights. Additionally, the tool offers intelligent document drafting, enabling the rapid creation of legal documents from simple prompts and modifications by the user. Another notable capability is the advanced summarization tool, which delivers concise case summaries swiftly, aiding legal professionals in getting the gist of large documents without extensive manual review.

The platform also includes document upload capabilities, empowering users to quickly analyze and extract essential information from legal texts. All functionalities are underpinned by robust privacy and security measures, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected. Lexis+ AI stands out for its integration of proprietary LexisNexis search technology and authoritative content, ensuring that all generated results are backed by reliable and citable sources. This integration ensures that the tool not only speeds up the research and document drafting process but also enhances the overall accuracy and reliability of legal work.

Use cases

  • Conversational Search: Lexis+ AI excels in simplifying the navigation of complex legal research. Lawyers can input natural language queries and receive accurate, citation-backed responses, streamlining the process of gathering legal precedents or case law.

  • Document Drafting: This AI tool aids significantly in drafting legal documents. It generates initial drafts based on user prompts and allows adjustments in language and tone, accommodating specific legal nuances or requirements.

  • Case Summarization: Lexis+ AI can quickly provide summaries of extensive legal documents, helping legal professionals grasp the essential elements of cases without sifting through large volumes of data.

  • Document Analysis: It also includes capabilities to upload and analyze legal documents, extracting key insights and data points that are crucial for case preparation or legal proceedings.


Lexis+ AI is a legal generative AI tool designed to enhance legal research, document drafting, and case analysis by leveraging advanced AI technologies.

Lexis+ AI features conversational search that simplifies complex legal research, allowing users to input natural language queries and receive citation-backed answers.

Yes, Lexis+ AI can generate initial drafts of legal documents from user prompts and allows for customization in language and tone to meet specific requirements.

Lexis+ AI can quickly summarize extensive legal documents, helping professionals understand key points without needing to review the entire text.

Yes, Lexis+ AI includes document upload capabilities for rapid analysis, summarization, and extraction of crucial insights from legal texts.

Lexis+ AI is built with robust encryption and privacy technologies, ensuring that sensitive legal data remains secure while using the platform.

Pricing & Discounts

Lexis+ AI offers a range of subscription plans that cater to different needs and preferences within the legal sector.

Subscription PlanMonthly CostCoverageIncluded Features
State Basic$115State-specific cases and materialsBasic legal resources and tools
State Premium$255State-specific cases and materialsEnhanced features plus all practical guidance
National Basic$275Comprehensive national coverageFull Primary Law, Full Key Features.
National Premium$299Comprehensive national coverageFull features, all practical guidance, and advanced tools

Each plan includes access to state and federal cases, statutes, and legislation, with higher-tier plans offering additional materials and tools such as brief analyzers, expanded search term maps, and litigation analytics. These options are designed to meet the varying demands of different legal practices, from small firms to large national organizations, ensuring they have the resources they need to operate effectively and efficiently.


The Lexis+ AI team at LexisNexis Legal & Professional is guided by a group of seasoned leaders, each playing a crucial role in the development and management of the platform:

  • Mike Walsh is the Chief Executive Officer. He’s in charge of setting the strategic direction and managing the overall operations of LexisNexis, including the Lexis+ AI project.
  • Jamie Buckley holds the position of Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer. Jamie’s job is to oversee the development of Lexis+ AI, making sure it delivers top-notch functionality and a great user experience for legal experts.
  • Greg Dickason is the Managing Director for Asia & Pacific. Greg's focus is on adapting Lexis+ AI to meet the specific needs of these diverse markets.
  • Sean Fitzpatrick is the CEO for North America, UK, and Ireland. Sean looks after the rollout and integration of Lexis+ AI in these important regions, ensuring it meets local market needs.
  • Jeff Reihl is the Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer. Jeff leads the technological advancements of Lexis+ AI, concentrating on enhancing its AI capabilities and maintaining strong security and data privacy.

Together, these leaders work to continuously improve and expand Lexis+ AI globally, making sure it stays at the forefront of legal technology. Their combined expertise helps fulfill the tool’s mission to revolutionize legal research and document management with innovative AI technology.


LexisNexis has secured funding through various rounds to support its operations and developments, including the Lexis+ AI tool.

  • Venture Round - March 22, 2000: LexisNexis raised $30 million in a venture round that included six investors, with Actua Corporation leading the round. This funding helped to expand their range of information technology services.

  • Corporate Round - June 16, 2021: A more recent corporate round saw LexisNexis partnering with Equivo, although the specific monetary details of this round were not disclosed. This round likely supported the continued development and enhancement of platforms such as Lexis+ AI, focusing on integrating more advanced technology solutions within their legal and professional services.

These funding rounds reflect the ongoing investment into LexisNexis' technology and product offerings, including the sophisticated AI-driven tools they are now known for in the legal industry.



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