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YesChat Legal Aid is an  AI tool for Legal  that acts like a helpful assistant for lawyers and other legal experts. It makes legal tasks, like checking contracts, doing legal research, and creating legal document templates, quicker and more accurate. The main goal of Legal Aid is to improve the quality and speed of legal work. For example, when reviewing contracts, Legal Aid can quickly spot any potential issues or important parts that might need more review. This helps lawyers make sure that the contracts are strong and carefully checked.

Use cases

  • Contract Review: Legal Aid can examine a lease agreement to point out any clauses that might not be in the client's best interest, like automatic renewal terms or high late fees. A real estate lawyer uses Legal Aid to quickly find and address any concerning clauses in a rental agreement, ensuring their client is well-protected.
  • Legal Document Template Generation: Legal Aid can create a specific non-disclosure agreement template that fits a particular business situation. A startup's legal team uses Legal Aid to efficiently produce a custom NDA for new hires, saving time while keeping up with legal standards.
  • Legal Research and Case Review: Legal Aid provides summaries and insights from relevant cases to help shape a legal strategy. A litigation lawyer employs Legal Aid to swiftly collect and review case law for a complex civil case, strengthening their argument with well-chosen legal precedents.


Yes, Legal Aid is great for checking contracts. It can spot potential problems and areas that might need a closer look.

Yes, it is. Legal Aid gets monthly updates with the newest legal information through the CourtListener API.

Absolutely. Legal Aid can make a variety of legal document templates, which are a great starting point for your legal needs.

Legal Aid has a strict policy to keep user information and interactions private, ensuring your details stay confidential.

Legal Aid can provide helpful guidance and research on legal issues, but for personalized legal advice on specific cases, it's best to talk to a human lawyer.

Pricing & Discounts

YesGPT Legal Aid tool is available at no cost. Users can access all its features without any charges. There are no hidden fees or subscription costs associated with this service. It’s designed to be accessible to everyone, providing legal assistance freely.

UX/UI review

You have access to a chat where you can set some legal tasks.


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