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Enhances fairness in financial scenarios with AI-driven analysis, ensuring equitable outcomes swiftly and accurately.
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EvenUp is a powerful AI  law assistant  tailored for personal injury lawyers. It automates the creation of detailed demand packages by analyzing  legal  documents and case files, leveraging insights from over 250,000 verdicts and settlements. This  AI for lawyers  significantly reduces the time spent on case preparation—saving lawyers an average of five hours per claim. Additionally, EvenUp helps secure higher settlement amounts, typically 30% more than average, by ensuring every aspect of damage is meticulously documented and argued. This leads to faster, more effective settlements and overall improved outcomes in personal injury cases​

Use cases

  • Automated Demand Packages: EvenUp efficiently transforms detailed medical records into comprehensive demand packages, significantly reducing manual paperwork and saving lawyers about five hours per claim.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The tool leverages data from over 250,000 public verdicts and settlements, providing invaluable insights for comparing similar injury cases. This allows lawyers to negotiate settlements from a stronger position.
  • Enhanced Settlement Negotiations: EvenUp's clear and detailed demand packages expedite the negotiation process with insurers, often leading to quicker and fairer settlements.
  • Scalability and Cost Efficiency: Its ability to handle increased caseloads without additional staff makes EvenUp a cost-effective solution for law firms, potentially cutting costs by 50%.


EvenUp is an AI tool that automates the creation of demand packages for personal injury lawyers by analyzing medical documents and case files.

EvenUp reduces the time spent on preparing demand packages by automating the documentation process, saving lawyers about five hours per claim.

EvenUp uses data from over 250,000 public verdicts and private settlements to provide insights and comparisons for similar injury cases.

By creating detailed and clear demand packages, EvenUp expedites settlement negotiations and reduces the likelihood of low-ball offers.

Yes, EvenUp’s scalable technology allows law firms to handle larger caseloads efficiently without the need for additional staffing.

The tool's ability to streamline processes and handle more cases without extra personnel makes it 50% more affordable compared to traditional methods.



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