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Tackles parking tickets, manages subscriptions, and secures consumer rights effectively and efficiently.
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DoNotPay, often hailed as the "AI Consumer Champion," empowers users to tackle a range of legal and bureaucratic challenges efficiently. This innovative  AI tool for Legal  is designed to simplify interactions with corporations and government agencies, enabling everyday people to contest parking tickets, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and even stop robocalls. Its features, which include automated cancellation of free trials and drafting legal documents, make it a valuable resource for those seeking to navigate legal complexities without extensive resources. Additionally, DoNotPay provides a virtual credit card to avoid charges after free trial periods, enhancing financial management for its users.

Use cases

  • Ticket Disputes: Users can contest parking and traffic tickets, leveraging AI to navigate the legal arguments needed.
  • Subscription Management: The tool helps manage and automatically cancel subscriptions and free trials, preventing unwanted charges.
  • Consumer Rights: It aids in asserting consumer rights by facilitating chargebacks and refunds, fighting bank fees, and dealing with unfair fines.
  • Legal Document Assistance: Provides templates and guides for drafting legal documents like letters for landlord disputes or customer service issues.
  • Finding Hidden Money: Users can discover unclaimed funds or secure refunds that they may not have known about.
  • Bureaucracy Navigation: Simplifies processes like notarizing documents, filing complaints, or handling government paperwork, which can otherwise be complex and time-consuming.


DoNotPay is a platform that uses AI to help users tackle legal and bureaucratic challenges without needing a lawyer.

Yes, DoNotPay can manage and automatically cancel subscriptions and free trials to prevent unwanted charges.

DoNotPay allows users to contest parking and traffic tickets using automated legal assistance.

It helps users with chargebacks, refunds, fighting bank fees, and dealing with unfair fines.

DoNotPay offers templates and guidance for drafting various legal documents and handling customer service disputes.

Features include finding hidden money, simplifying government paperwork, and helping with bills and rent negotiations​.

Pricing & Discounts

DoNotPay offers a flexible pricing model designed to cater to various needs, starting with a free trial to allow users to explore its services. Beyond the trial, customized pricing ensures users only pay for the features they need.

PlanPriceFeatures Included
Free Trial$0Access to all features for a limited time
Custom PricingVariesTailored to user needs, includes full access to all services

This structure allows users to initially test the platform without any cost and then transition to a personalized pricing plan that fits their specific legal and administrative needs.


DoNotPay has secured a total funding amount of $27.7 million through several rounds. It began with a seed round in December 2017, raising $1.1 million from Andreessen Horowitz. A second seed round in July 2019 saw $4.6 million raised with Felicis as the lead investor. The Series A round followed in June 2020, where $12 million was raised with Coatue leading the investment. The most recent funding, a Series B round in August 2021, brought in $10 million from 17 investors. This financial backing supports DoNotPay's development and expansion as it continues to innovate in providing legal assistance through technology.



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