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Draft Emails Effortlessly: Your Smarter Inbox with AI

Warmest AI instantly crafts personalized emails, saving you time and improving communication. Managing your inbox has never been easier!
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Warmest AI is an AI-powered email assistant that uses ChatGPT technology to streamline your email communication by crafting personalized drafts. It analyzes your previous emails to learn your writing style and context, enabling it to align drafts with your tone and preferences. As you open your inbox, Warmest AI presents ready-to-go draft responses for your review or modification. To get started, users can sign up for a 7-day trial, connect their email, and let Warmest AI analyze their past communications to provide instant, tailored drafts.

Warmest AI offers features like snooze, send later options, shortcuts, and calendar integrations, making email management more efficient. Its capabilities extend to rewriting emails, summarizing with actionable items, and providing quick access commands. Ideal for professionals with a heavy daily email load, individuals seeking efficient email handling, and teams aiming to boost productivity through improved communication, Warmest AI enhances your email experience by saving time and elevating the quality of your communications.

Use cases

Warmest AI is a dynamic email assistant that revolutionizes how various users manage their emails, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and communication quality. Whether you're a professional drowning in daily emails or an individual seeking to streamline your communication, here’s how it can transform your email experience:

  • Speedy Email Drafting: It cuts down the time you spend crafting responses by automatically generating draft replies, freeing up your time for other essential tasks.
  • Enhancing Deal Closures: Sales professionals and business owners can respond quicker to inquiries, proposals, and negotiations, aiding in faster deal closures and maintaining smooth communication with clients.
  • Personalized Email Replies: Far from generic auto-responses, it customizes replies to match your personal writing style, adding a personal touch that can strengthen relationships with recipients.
  • Improving Email Content: If you’re struggling with phrasing or need to tweak the tone, Warmest AI can refine your emails to ensure they are professional and clear.
  • Efficient Email Management: For those overwhelmed by numerous emails, it offers summaries highlighting key actions, enabling quick comprehension without needing to read every email in detail.
  • Scheduling and Planning: By integrating with calendars, it helps plan your responses and follow-ups perfectly, ensuring you never miss an optimal response time.
  • Streamlining Team Communication: It ensures that team communications are efficient, with quick, consistent responses that maintain harmony and productivity within groups.
  • Personal Use: It’s also invaluable for managing personal communications, from event planning to handling inquiries, keeping your personal inbox well-organized.

Overall, Warmest AI simplifies and improves the email management process, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance the effectiveness of their communication.


Warmest AI is an AI-powered email assistant designed to help you draft emails efficiently. By learning your writing style and understanding the context of your conversations, it aims to save you time and enhance the efficiency of your communication.

To start using Warmest AI, simply sign up for a 7-day free trial on their website. This trial allows you to experience how it drafts emails that reflect your own style.

Warmest AI offers a free-forever plan, which includes basic features like instant email drafting and tone personalization. Additional features may be available with paid plans.

Absolutely! Warmest AI boosts your email productivity by automatically generating personalized draft replies. This streamlines your email management, helping you respond faster and more effectively.

Pricing & Discounts

Warmest AI features an accommodating pricing structure that suits anyone in need of an AI-powered email assistant. It offers a free-forever plan that includes several useful features like instant email drafting, tone personalization, and the ability to understand both your email history and context. Additionally, there is a free trial available, allowing users to explore Warmest AI's capabilities before opting into the free plan. This pricing strategy makes the tool accessible to a wide array of users, from individual professionals to businesses, aiming to boost their email management and communication efficiency.


The Warmest AI team is spearheaded by Gary Wu, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich academic background from the University of Oxford. Gary, who has founded companies twice before, is deeply committed to developing AI-driven solutions. He currently leads the team at Warmest AI, focusing on their flagship product—an AI-powered email assistant that simplifies email communication. His work with Warmest AI underscores his passion for using artificial intelligence to tackle practical issues, especially those that improve productivity and communication efficiency.


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