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The Reply Project

Revolutionize Your Inbox: Fast Replies, Smart Assistance

Streamline email management with AI-driven quick replies and organizational tools. Perfect for efficient inbox handling.
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The Reply Project, developed by GMass, is designed to significantly streamline the process of responding to emails. This tool enhances your productivity by consolidating all emails into a single screen, allowing for efficient management and quick responses. A key feature of The Reply Project is its integration with ChatGPT, an AI that aids in composing professional email replies. Additionally, users can utilize pre-built templates to further accelerate the response process.

The tool is structured to display emails in four distinct states, depending on their status: emails requiring a reply, emails sent through The Reply Project, archived emails, and emails where the last response was sent outside of The Reply Project. When an email is sent or archived using the tool, it minimizes the email to reduce screen clutter, helping you maintain focus and organization.

Another standout feature is the ability to automatically archive messages after sending a reply. This helps in achieving a cleaner inbox, contributing to the goal of "inbox zero" for many users. Furthermore, The Reply Project offers various keyboard shortcuts for quick actions like sending, archiving, or deleting messages, enhancing user efficiency.

For those looking to handle large-scale email campaigns, The Reply Project includes advanced email marketing features. These include overcoming Gmail's sending limits, performing mail merges, accessing campaign analytics, and personalizing emails with conditional logic. The tool also supports automated follow-ups and scheduling, allowing for more effective email campaign management.

Use cases

The Reply Project, a tool developed by GMass, offers a range of use cases that can significantly enhance email productivity and communication efficiency across various sectors and scenarios:

  1. Recruitment: It's particularly useful for recruiters, allowing them to efficiently respond to candidates, companies, and team members. Recruiters can swiftly manage responses, whether they are checking in for information, following up, or updating statuses. The Reply Project's template feature is especially beneficial for sending out standardized information, such as job details or interview schedules, to multiple candidates.

  2. Email Marketing and Campaign Management: The tool can be used for sending mass emails that appear as individual, personalized responses. This is ideal for sectors like real estate marketing, where personalized follow-ups with potential clients are crucial. It can also be utilized for internal communications within an organization, managing church or community group emails, and even for sending wedding invitations or updates for sports club matches.

  3. Link Building and SEO: For SEO purposes, The Reply Project can be used to send emails for link-building campaigns. This involves reaching out to relevant websites and building high-quality backlinks.

  4. Membership Outreach: It's effective for reaching out to members of a community, organization, or subscription service, helping to maintain engagement and providing important updates.

  5. Cold Email Outreach: The tool is suitable for reaching out to potential clients, customers, or partners, especially in scenarios where personalized communication is key to establishing relationships.


The Reply Project is a tool developed by GMass to speed up email responses. It displays all emails on one screen for quick replies using templates or AI assistance from ChatGPT.

Yes, The Reply Project is currently free for all Gmail users.

The Reply Project works within Gmail, allowing users to manage their emails and responses directly from their Gmail interface.

Yes, it uses templates and ChatGPT to assist users in drafting fast and efficient email responses.

The Reply Project was created by Ajay Goel, the founder of GMass, and an experienced professional in the email industry.

Pricing & Discounts

Here's a concise summary of GMass's pricing plans for The Reply Project:

  • Standard Plan: Monthly at $25 or annually at $225. Includes unlimited contacts and campaigns, mail merge personalization, free email verification, and more.
  • Premium Plan: Monthly at $35 or annually at $325. Offers additional features such as custom tracking links and sequences.
  • Professional Plan: Monthly at $55 or annually at $525. Includes all features of the Premium plan with high-priority support.
  • Team Plans: Ranging from $145 to $1800 monthly or $1450 to $17950 annually, depending on the number of users.


The team behind The Reply Project, a part of GMass, includes key members with specific roles and based in different locations:

Ajay Goel: Founder, based in Dayton, Ohio. Goel is an experienced professional in the email industry and has been integral in the development and launch of GMass and The Reply Project.

Sam Greenspan: VP of Content, located in El Segundo, California. Greenspan plays a crucial role in content strategy and management for the company.

Vikshit Shetty: Head of Technical Support, operating from Mumbai, India. Shetty leads the technical support division, ensuring efficient customer service and technical assistance.

Shine Lyui: Head of Deliverability, based in Portland, Oregon. Lyui is responsible for overseeing the deliverability aspects of the email services provided by GMass and The Reply Project.


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