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Mailbutler is an innovative email extension designed to enhance the productivity of its users. It integrates seamlessly into popular email clients like Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook, offering a suite of features to streamline email management and communication.

One of the key advantages of Mailbutler is its ease of use. The tool is straightforward to set up and integrates directly into existing email clients, allowing users to start using its features without complicated setup processes. This plug-and-play nature is complemented by a high degree of customizability, enabling users to adjust settings and features to their individual preferences and needs.

Among its numerous features, Mailbutler includes email tracking, which is beneficial for seeing who has opened your emails and clicked on links. This feature provides real-time notifications, giving users insights into the engagement levels of their emails. Additionally, Mailbutler's automation and scheduling capabilities allow for the optimal timing of email sending, setting reminders, and automating follow-ups, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Use cases

Mailbutler offers a variety of use cases that enhance email productivity and communication effectiveness. Here are some key examples:

  1. Enhanced Email Autoresponders: Mailbutler can automate the process of sending follow-up or reminder emails. This helps in tracking tasks and ensuring timely completion of to-dos.

  2. Integration with IFTTT for Task Automation: For Gmail users, Mailbutler can be integrated with If This Then That (IFTTT) to automate task creation from emails. This can be particularly useful for creating tasks whenever an email from a specific sender or with a particular subject is received.

  3. Using External Task Management Apps: Mailbutler integrates with project management tools like Trello and This integration allows for emails to be converted into action items on these platforms, enhancing team collaboration and reducing the chances of miscommunication.

  4. Project Management through Email Dissection: By using platforms such as ClickUp and Asana, Mailbutler can help break down complex emails into simpler tasks. This is particularly useful for project management, where various aspects of an email can be assigned to different team members.

  5. Use of Email Templates: Mailbutler facilitates the creation of email templates for commonly sent messages, saving time and reducing repetitive work.

  6. Gmail and Asana App Integration: This integration allows for seamless transformation of emails into actionable tasks in Asana, with most fields being auto-filled for convenience.


Mailbutler is an email extension for Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook designed to enhance productivity and email management.

Mailbutler offers a 14-day free trial for all new users. After the trial, users can choose from various subscription plans.

Yes, Mailbutler is compatible with Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook.

Yes, Mailbutler includes email tracking features, allowing users to see when and where their emails are opened.

Yes, Mailbutler offers a 'Send Later' feature for scheduling emails.

Yes, Mailbutler allows users to create customizable and professional email signatures.

Yes, Mailbutler provides features for sharing notes, tasks, signatures, and templates with team members.

Yes, higher-tier plans of Mailbutler include AI-powered features like Smart Compose and Smart Summarize.

Pricing & Discounts

Mailbutler offers four different subscription plans, each tailored to specific user needs and preferences.

  1. Tracking Plan ($4.95/user/month): Focuses on basic email interaction tracking, including open and link tracking, and email tagging.

  2. Professional Plan ($8.95/user/month): Builds upon the Tracking plan by adding features for contact management, email scheduling, customizable signatures, email snoozing, message templates, notes and tasks for emails and contacts, and team sharing for notes, tasks, signatures, and templates.

  3. Smart Plan ($14.95/user/month): Includes everything in the Professional plan, plus an AI-powered email assistant for writing, improving, and summarizing emails, finding tasks and contact information, detailed insights into email interactions, and task automation.

  4. Business Plan ($32.95/user/month): Encompasses all features of the Smart plan, with the addition of priority customer support and the ability to blacklist email addresses for tracking purposes, focusing on external interactions.


The Mailbutler team is a diverse and globally distributed group with over 25 members of various nationalities. The company operates entirely remotely, offering its team members the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. Among its key members is Tobias, the CEO, who co-founded Mailbutler in 2015 after graduating from RWTH University with degrees in Business Administration and Engineering. Tobias is passionate about outdoor activities like windsurfing. The team's diverse backgrounds contribute to Mailbutler's innovative approach to email productivity.




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