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Use AI to streamline customer support via email, chat, and team communications, transforming queries into immediate answers and saving valuable time and resources.
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Deflekt.AI is a dynamic tool tailored to automate customer support across email, web chat, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, revolutionizing how organizations handle inquiries. With its smart use of a knowledge base and standard procedures, it can autonomously tackle up to 50% of questions, freeing support teams to address more intricate issues and boosting efficiency.

Its standout features include instant automatic responses for swift customer interaction, customization for brand consistency and market localization, seamless transition to human support for complex questions, and continuous learning to enhance service quality and decrease future inquiries. Ideal for a broad spectrum of needs, from customer service to internal procedures, Deflekt.AI is a prime choice for businesses aiming to optimize their support operations, ensuring they stay relevant and responsive to customer and team needs.

Use cases

Deflekt.AI stands out as a versatile automation tool tailored for customer support across a wide array of industries and operational areas within companies. Its main goal is to boost efficiency and satisfaction by quickly addressing inquiries with automated systems. Key applications include:

  • Customer Service: It streamlines customer support on websites and via email, delivering prompt answers to frequent questions, crucial for keeping customers happy while easing the load on support teams.
  • Internal Employee Support: Simplifies finding information on HR, IT support, and more within companies using platforms like Slack and Teams, reducing the pressure on human resources and IT departments.
  • Sales and Marketing: Aids sales teams by automatically answering common product, pricing, and service questions, improving the customer journey and potentially boosting sales.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Offers automated guidance on company SOPs, ensuring operational compliance and consistency.
  • Phone Scripts: Provides call centers with automated responses to frequent inquiries, maintaining uniform customer support across phone channels.
  • Sales Brochures: Instantly clarifies details in sales materials, engaging customers and clearly communicating product offerings without needing direct human involvement.
  • Human Resources: Manages routine HR questions about policies, benefits, and processes, significantly beneficial for larger organizations.
  • Learning and Development: Facilitates access to training content and answers, promoting ongoing learning and skill development within organizations.

By adopting Deflekt.AI, organizations can not only refine their operational workflows but also significantly improve experiences for both customers and staff, ensuring swift, accurate responses to their questions.


A deflection happens when Deflekt.AI automatically responds to an inquiry via your communication channels, effectively reducing the need for human intervention in handling direct inquiries.

In Deflekt.AI, projects may encompass a suite of documents, branding elements, and communication channels like email, web chat, Slack, and Teams. They're customizable to specific products, services, or languages, making it a flexible option for managing a variety of customer inquiries.

Deflekt.AI is capable of ingesting content from web pages, documents (either through direct uploads or URLs), supporting formats like PDF, DOCX, MD, and TXT. This allows it to deliver precise and relevant answers using your available content.

To set up Deflekt.AI, you'll need to create a project, localize the support handover page, input content, configure and initiate channels, and test your setup to ensure it's working correctly, providing a streamlined approach to deploy Deflekt.AI for customer support.

Refunds are not offered due to the product's nature. However, there's a Free plan available for testing Deflekt.AI's capabilities before upgrading to a paid subscription.

Deflekt.AI was founded by Tim van Heugten, aiming to tackle the scaling challenge of customer support, particularly through email. With a background in eCommerce and SaaS, Tim recognized AI's potential to proactively solve common customer questions, improving the efficiency of the support process.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPriceProjectsChannelsDocumentsDeflectionsAdditional Features
TrialFree1All100100 (One-time)Access to all channels during the trial
Grow$173All1,0001,500 monthly-
Pro$6710All5,0006,000 monthlyRemove branding
Custom$499+CustomAllCustomCustomCustom content scrapers, refreshing, integrations, personal support


Tim van Heugten, the founder and brains behind Deflekt.AI, embarked on creating this AI-powered customer support tool as a side project, driven by his passion for innovation and a hands-on approach to solving real-world problems. Operating from Apeldoorn, Netherlands, Tim's vision for Deflekt.AI was to automate answering queries across various channels, showcasing its versatility with applications like "WetGPT" for navigating Dutch legal articles, all while emphasizing AI's role in enhancing customer support efficiency.


Tim van Heugten


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