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Automates routine legal tasks, boosts productivity, and ensures compliance, transforming legal operations efficiently.
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EsquireTek revolutionizes the  legal  discovery process with its  AI platform for lawyers , significantly reducing time spent on routine tasks. Key features include document automation that scans and prepares responses within seconds, one-click objections to streamline edits, and client response automation for efficient communication. The  law assistant  also supports electronic verifications and streamlined workflows, enhancing overall efficiency in legal practices. This allows legal teams to focus more on strategic aspects of their cases, maximizing productivity and client satisfaction​

Use cases

  • Document Automation: EsquireTek can automatically scan and extract questions from discovery documents provided by opposing counsel, creating a ready-to-fill response shell in seconds.

  • One-Click Objections: The platform simplifies the process of adding and editing objections, allowing these to be inserted with just one click, streamlining what was once a repetitive task.

  • Client Response Automation: It enhances client interactions by enabling them to respond to discovery questions easily from their phones, automating follow-up and handling responses 24/7.

  • Verifications and E-Service: The tool facilitates the electronic signing and service of documents, speeding up verification processes that traditionally required more manual input.

  • Discovery Workflow Optimization: EsquireTek helps reorganize and speed up internal processes, which allows law firms to handle more cases efficiently by reducing the manual labor involved in discovery tasks.


EsquireTek is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and automate legal discovery processes, making them more efficient.

It automates document scanning, objections, client responses, and e-service, significantly reducing the time spent on these tasks​.

Yes, it allows clients to respond to discovery questions via text or email, and automates follow-ups and response handling​.

Features include document automation, one-click objections, automated client responses, and efficient verification and e-service processes​.

Legal professionals, especially paralegals and attorneys in litigation, benefit by saving time on discovery, allowing them to focus on case strategy and client interaction​.

Pricing & Discounts

Plan NamePricing per MonthBilling CycleFeatures IncludedAdditional Notes
Tek Monthly$495MonthlyAI-Powered Automation, 1-Click Objections, Text & Email Tools, Proof of Service, Unlimited TekSignOne Time Activation Fee: $249
Tek Yearly$425AnnuallySame as Monthly, plus 10% Discount on Medical SummarySaves $840/year, Activation Fee: $249
Tek EnterpriseCall for pricingCustomCustomized solutions, dedicated account rep, customized user countDesigned for large organizations



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