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Optimizes legal document management and case tracking with automated AI, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
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Filevine is a cutting-edge    law assistant  that enhances law practice efficiency through AI-driven automation. It streamlines case and document management, integrating communications and task tracking in one place. Key features like AIFields analyze documents swiftly, pulling essential data into reports or summaries, which aids in rapid decision-making. This  ai tool for lawyers  is tailored for various  legal  fields, ensuring security and customization to fit specific practice needs. Filevine transforms legal workflows, enabling professionals to focus on higher-priority tasks and strategic case handling

Use cases

  • Case and Document Management: Filevine automates the organization and tracking of cases and documents, significantly reducing the manual workload for legal teams.

  • AI Fields: This feature allows legal professionals to upload documents to Filevine, which then uses AI to provide real-time insights by extracting critical information. This can include summarizing depositions, police reports, and identifying inconsistencies in testimonies, greatly speeding up document analysis and preparation​​.

  • Automated Legal Intake: Filevine enhances the client intake process by using AI to automate the gathering of client information, leading to improved efficiency and client satisfaction​​.

  • AI-Enhanced Communication Tools: SidebarAI, an AI chatbot, assists users in navigating the Filevine platform, offering quick answers to queries and summarizing case activities, which enhances team communication and workflow efficiency​.


Filevine is a legal technology platform that integrates AI to automate case and document management, enhancing efficiency for legal practices.

Key features include AIFields for document analysis, SidebarAI for platform navigation and support, and automated tools for legal intake and communication management​.

Filevine's AI features, such as AIFields, automate the extraction and analysis of data from documents, while SidebarAI assists in user navigation and support on the platform​​.

Yes, Filevine automates data gathering and form completion during client intake, which enhances efficiency and client satisfaction​​.

Yes, Filevine employs advanced security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of legal data managed within the platform​.



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