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Respondable provides AI-powered advice to enhance the effectiveness of email content
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Boomerang Respondable is an AI-driven assistant designed to help users write more effective emails in real time. Leveraging data from millions of messages, Respondable provides actionable advice to improve email content, ensuring each message sent is optimized for impact. The tool focuses on understanding the user's writing style and offers suggestions to adjust for maximum effect. It aims to teach users how to craft perfect emails by striking the right balance of politeness, positivity, and subjectivity. Respondable's algorithms analyze various factors that influence an email's likelihood of receiving a response, offering insights and real-time advice as users compose their emails. This includes advice on how to approach different recipients, such as bosses, new clients, potential hires, or business partners, enhancing the chance of a positive outcome. Through a combination of machine learning techniques, Boomerang Respondable aims to transform the way users communicate via email, making every message more effective

Use cases

Boomerang Respondable serves a wide array of users and scenarios, enhancing email communication effectiveness across different contexts. Here are several use cases illustrating its versatility and impact:

1. Job Application Follow-ups

Scenario: Job seekers often struggle with crafting follow-up emails after submitting applications. Respondable assists by suggesting the optimal tone and level of formality, ensuring the email stands out positively to hiring managers. It advises on how to express enthusiasm and qualifications without coming across as overly aggressive or desperate.

2. Sales Outreach

Scenario: Sales professionals frequently reach out to new and existing clients via email. Respondable helps in tailoring messages that strike the perfect balance between professionalism and personal touch. By analyzing past successful sales emails, it provides guidance on how to construct emails that are more likely to receive a response, potentially increasing conversion rates.

3. Customer Support Communications

Scenario: Customer support representatives use Respondable to ensure their responses are clear, helpful, and empathetic. The tool offers advice on improving readability and ensuring the message conveys the right amount of positivity and assurance, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Internal Team Communications

Scenario: When communicating with colleagues, especially in a remote setting, it's vital to convey messages effectively to avoid misinterpretation. Respondable helps employees adjust their tone and clarity for different internal communications, whether it's a request for assistance, project updates, or scheduling meetings, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.

5. Negotiating Business Deals

Scenario: Business executives and entrepreneurs negotiating deals over email can use Respondable to refine their negotiation tactics. The tool can suggest adjustments to come across as confident yet accommodating, helping to strike deals that are beneficial for all parties involved.

6. Academic Correspondence

Scenario: Academics and students often communicate with peers, mentors, and publishers via email. Respondable assists in adjusting their emails for the appropriate level of formality and politeness, ensuring their requests for information, collaboration, or publication are well-received.

7. Outreach for Fundraising or Sponsorships

Scenario: Non-profit organizers and event planners seeking sponsorships or donations can use Respondable to craft compelling outreach emails. The tool offers insights into how to evoke empathy and support without appearing too forceful, increasing the chances of receiving positive responses and support.

8. Onboarding New Employees or Clients

Scenario: HR professionals and account managers can leverage Respondable when sending out onboarding emails to new hires or clients. It helps ensure the emails are welcoming, informative, and clear, setting a positive tone for the new relationship.

Boomerang Respondable's AI-driven advice not only improves the immediate effectiveness of email communication but also contributes to long-term skill development in crafting messages that engage and resonate with the intended audience. By leveraging data-driven insights, users can confidently navigate various communication challenges, making every email an opportunity to connect, persuade, and achieve desired outcomes.


Boomerang Respondable is an AI-driven assistant that enhances email composition by providing real-time, actionable advice. It analyzes your email content against millions of messages to offer suggestions that improve your email's impact, focusing on aspects such as politeness, positivity, and subjectivity to increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

Respondable uses machine learning to understand your writing style and offers suggestions to adjust your email for maximum effect. It evaluates factors like tone, clarity, length, and question use to guide you in crafting more effective emails tailored to your recipient, whether it's a boss, a new client, or a potential hire.

While Boomerang Respondable is primarily optimized for English, it can provide basic assistance with tone and readability for emails in other languages.

No, Boomerang Respondable is versatile and can be used for a wide range of email types, from professional communications to personal messages.

Simply install the Boomerang extension for your email client (such as Gmail or Outlook), and the Respondable feature will be automatically integrated into your email composition window.

Pricing & Discounts

The Boomerang offers a range of plans, including a free 30-day trial of Boomerang Professional for all new accounts. After the trial, users can opt for the Basic, Personal, Pro, or Premium plans, with prices ranging from free to $49.98 per month billed annually. Each plan comes with different features such as message credits, supported accounts, and various email management tools. Additionally, the page highlights that Respondable, an AI-driven feature that helps users compose more effective emails, is included in all Boomerang plans for free.

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