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Automates document handling and enhances data security for efficient legal management.
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Degoverned stands out as an AI tool focused on simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of legal processes. It utilizes advanced AI to streamline the creation, review, and management of legal documents, offering significant time savings and reducing the complexity typically associated with legal administration. Degoverned is particularly useful for businesses looking to automate their legal workflows, ensuring compliance and minimizing human error in document handling. The tool's capability to handle multiple legal tasks simultaneously makes it a valuable asset for companies aiming to optimize their legal operations efficiently. This combination of features positions Degoverned not just as a tool for document management, but as a comprehensive legal assistant.

Use cases

  • Automated Legal Document Handling: Degoverned can streamline the management of legal documents, from creation to review, making it easier for organizations to handle their legal operations without extensive legal teams.
  • Enhanced Data Security: The tool can also be used to improve data security protocols, using AI to identify and address vulnerabilities in real time, thus protecting sensitive information from potential breaches.
  • Efficient Resource Management: In government and administrative contexts, Degoverned can automate and optimize resource allocation, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and within budget constraints.
  • Advanced Analytic Capabilities: For sectors like cybersecurity, Degoverned can be employed to enhance threat detection and response strategies through advanced analytics, helping to maintain robust security frameworks.

These use cases demonstrate Degoverned's capability to transform traditional operations into more efficient, secure, and cost-effective processes across various industries.


Degoverned is an AI tool that automates and streamlines processes such as legal document management and data security.

It automates the creation, review, and management of legal documents, reducing the need for extensive legal teams.

Yes, Degoverned enhances data security by using AI to identify and address vulnerabilities in real time.

Key features include automated legal document handling, advanced data security protocols, and resource management optimization.

Absolutely, it is ideal for automating administrative processes and resource management in government settings.

Degoverned optimizes resource allocation, ensuring efficient project completion within budget constraints.

Yes, it can enhance threat detection and response strategies through its advanced analytic capabilities.

Pricing & Discounts

Here's a comparative overview of the pricing models for registering different types of companies and trademark applications. This information can help you choose the best option based on your business needs and budget:

LocationCompany TypeCostKey Features
USA, DelawareC-corp$1,500Suitable for tech startups, favorable tax environment
USA, DelawareLLC$1,500Best for self-funded businesses, pass-through taxation
BVILimited Company$5,000Ideal for token issuance & asset holding, no corporate tax
United Arab EmiratesFree Zone$6,000Gateway to Middle East markets
SingaporePte. Ltd.$3,500Ideal to start business in Asia
Estonia$2,200Simple taxes, European outpost

U.S. Trademark Registration:

  • Preliminary Search: $1,000 - Includes search for similar trademarks to minimize registration risks.
  • Application Filing: $800 - Includes government filing fees for 1 class.

Total for Trademark Registration: $1,800 - Includes knockout search, search report, attorney’s recommendations, and filing with USPTO.

This pricing structure helps businesses of different sizes and focuses to choose the right type of incorporation and trademark registration services that best fit their operational needs and strategic goals.

UX/UI review

After logging into your account, you will have great opportunities related to legal documents.


Welcome to Degoverned

You can officially register your company by providing specific information about it and paying a certain fee.


Register a Company

Also you have templates for creating some documents.



Tasks & Deadlines, Due Diligence, Marketplace provide additional convenience for the user.


The team behind Degoverned includes a mix of entrepreneurs and legal experts, each bringing specialized skills to the project:

  • Roman Buzko is a co-founder of Degoverned. His background as an entrepreneur provides strategic direction and business acumen to the company, driving its mission to simplify legal processes through technology.

  • Vasily Agateev, serving as the CTO and co-founder, leads the technological development of Degoverned. His role is critical in shaping the tool's capabilities, ensuring that it effectively meets the needs of its users with robust, innovative solutions.

  • Evgeny Krasnov, a US-qualified attorney and partner at Buzko Krasnov. His knowledge helps ensure that Degoverned's offerings are not only technologically sound but also legally compliant and beneficial for users navigating complex legal landscapes.

Together, this team combines their diverse experiences to develop Degoverned into a tool that offers practical, user-friendly solutions for managing legal documentation and processes.



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